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"The Pope of Powerpop"


"He has never made a bad record"


Greg Pope is a Nashville based power pop artist whom you may or may not have heard on the radio, though his songs have likely made it into your living room via TV shows like Dawson's Creek, America's Next Top Model, and Last Comic Standing. In powerpop circles he's perhaps best known for his 2008 release "Popmonster" which planted him firmly on the radar and Top Ten lists of many a music blog.

He has released ten solo albums including his most recent "Wishing On A Dark Star", earning him titles such as "a one-man thermonuclear bomb" ( and "The Pope of Powerpop"(

Pope’s live act, The Popmonsters, includes session drummer David Sprouse, bass player and back up singer Jon Putnam, and Pope’s sons Asher and Noah on rhythm guitars, Harmonica, Bass Guitar and back up vocals. The band covers Pope’s solo releases, his previous releases with Edmund’s Crown and surprise doses of The Who, ELO, Big Star and The Beatles thrown in for good measure.




Collected, Edmund’s Crown (2002, Produced by Edmund’s Crown)

Regrets of a Company Man, Edmund's Crown (2005, Produced by Greg Pope)

Popmonster (2008, produced by Greg Pope)

Pete (2009, produced by Greg Pope)

Blue Ocean Sky (2010, produced by Greg Pope)

Monster Suit (2011, produced by Greg Pope)

Popmotion Animation (2013, produced by Greg Pope)

Fanboy (2015, produced by Greg Pope)

Guiding Star (2016, produced by Greg Pope)

A Few Seconds of Fame (2018, produced by Greg Pope)

Wishing On A Dark Star (2020, produced by Greg Pope)


Songs in TV and Film

Dawson’s Creek: “Four Scary Stories” (Dir. Krishna Rao), “Capeside Revisited” (Dir. Michael Lange)“Complete Me”

Providence: “Gotcha” (Dir. James Whitmore, Jr.) “Only One”

America’s Next Top Model: Episodes 207 & 209, “I’m On, She’s Off”

Beautiful People: “Reload” (Dir. Ken Girotti) “Where You Find Love”

WWE Tough Enough,  “Higher Than Me”

American Embassy: Pilot “Complete Me”

Last Comic Standing, “Complete Me”

Giant Monster Playset (short film, Dir. Greg Pope): “Hero”, “Modern Playthings”, “Monster Chase”, “There May Be Thousands”






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©2016 Greg Pope   Live footage/stills by Daniel Collins and Noah Pope